Asset Management

In addition to our vehicle licensing and permitting services, we also offer transportation asset management through a comprehensive vehicle database, capturing critical information and monitoring changes to your fleet. We maintain streamlined processes with IRP agencies and state personnel that allow us to quickly process your requests, and can provide consulting expertise in licensing selection and cost reduction strategies. Our transportation asset management services assist with:

  • Administration of all vehicle titling, registration, and permitting
  • Management of US DOT Number and FMCSA/State Authority permitting
  • Management of initial, supplemental, and renewal application for IRP/Base Plate Registrations, UCR, IFTA, and Mileage Permits
  • Electronic filing of IRS payments and Federal HVUT 2290 Returns/Refund requests
  • Renewal of specialized permits
  • Issuance of temporary trip and fuel permits
  • Expedited process and credential issuance
  • Electronic data transfer
  • Title storage and maintenance of accurate equipment listing