Driver Qualification

Qualified drivers are the backbone of the transportation industry. How can you assure that your drivers remain compliant with DOT Regulations, and avoid utilizing high-risk, unqualified, or disqualified drivers? Lee Trans can provide you with an adaptable driver qualification (DQ) service that includes external audits of your driver qualification files, monitoring of expiration dates on critical documents, and comprehensive reports. We have spent more than thirty years developing this highly customizable service. Let our experience work for you by taking the guesswork out of driver qualification.

Save yourself time and money by utilizing the following services:

  • Online driver application
  • Streamlined new driver enrollment, capturing FMCSA and company required driver data
  • Compliance review of existing processes and forms
  • High priority audit reports such as Expired Documents Reports, Accident and Violation Reports, Missing Documents Reports, and Driver’s License Conflict Reports
  • Daily activity reports such as New Driver Reports, Modified Driver Reports, and Uploaded Images Reports
  • Comprehensive tailored audit of existing and new driver files for FMCSA and company compliance
  • Paperless auto-population of all FMCSA required documents
  • Document imaging and indexing
  • Electronic client event and expiration notifications
  • Comprehensive compliance and trend analysis
  • Web-based Compliance and Risk Management Reports
  • Record retention and document purge for DOT and Non-DOT drivers
  • Record-keeping for drug and alcohol testing